Mark Ruffalo claims Trump “is a Fascist Dictator,” says “be an Anti-Fascist in all you do”

In a series of tweets, “Hulk” actor Mark Ruffalo accused President Trump of being a “fascist dictator” and urged his followers to “be an Anti-Fascist in all you do.”

Ruffalo wrote:

I know this is hard to get your head around, but let’s be honest, our President is a Fascist Dictator. Who has a fascist gang of thugs standing by. Real.

The time is coming for us to rise together to the goodness of our nation. To rise above this chaos and gather in the strength of our Unity.

We must gather together now, shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm. Together as humankind, to say “No!” to this chaos and hold tight and bravely against it. Like this we win.

Reach out folks, see who is next to you, and hold tight. Hold tight to the goodness, fairness, decency and love, that always has conquered the darkness of chaos.

We are all facing chaos.Trump offers only more chaos. Festering Chaos.

Be an Anti-Fascist in all you do.