Rudy says push for legislatures to pick electors “furthest along” in Georgia, updates on legal challenges in other states

Appearing with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business, Rudy Giuliani said the Trump team effort to urge lawmakers to appoint their own electors is “furthest along” in Georgia.

Rudy, who President Trump announced has tested positive for Coronavirus Sunday, said other efforts are ongoing in Michigan and Arizona.

Giuliani told Bartiromo “they spent the rest of the night counting the secret ballots, clearly secret phony ballots in which they excluded all Republicans, all Democrats, all law enforcement and I think that ended up being about 148,000 to 7,000; 148,000 for Biden, 7,000 for Trump.”

Rudy claimed Georgia’s state legislature is now “disgusted” by the evidence and has started a petition to hold their own session to decide on electors.

Rudy explained “this is a constitutional role that the Founding Fathers gave to our legislatures.”

“They’re the ones who are supposed to select the president, not the governors,” he added “not the Board of Elections. They’re the ones who have the constitutional obligation to decide on the electors. So in Georgia, they’re going to do that.”

During the same segment, Giuliani claimed invalid ballots in Wisconsin would overturn results if tossed.