Rubio Praises Trump for Mexico Negotiation, Slams Media for Negative Coverage

Republican Senator Marco Rubio praised President Trump’s recent negotiations with Mexico regarding the continued flow of illegal migrants into the US, while slamming the mainstream media for its negative spin on the issue.

“The threat of tariffs got [Mexico] to agree to take unprecedented steps to control illegal migration,” said Rubio, who went on to speculate as to how the press will cover the negotiations.”

Rubio added, “It is going to be very hard for some of them to give [President Trump] credit for this,” and went on to cite an example of the media’s negative spin.

Social media commentary indicated that users overwhelmingly agreed with President Trump, and supported his decision to use the threat of tariffs to force Mexico to address the issue.

Some users even expressed their hope that Trump would impose the tariffs anyway, while others warned the president to be prepared to put the tariffs into motion, should Mexico fail to live up to its end of the deal.