Rep. Jackson Lee Pushes Reparations Bill, says it’s the “government’s responsibility to pay her debt”

Lead sponsor of a reparations bill Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is calling for the passage of her bill to study slave reparations Wednesday.

The Texas Democrat argued it’s “the American government’s responsibility to pay her debt.” (She says it at 2:44 in the video below)

“We now have an opportunity, through H.R. 40, to have the highest level of discussion about systemic racism and race.” Jackson Lee argued Tuesday “And we are able to do it in a manner that is bringing people together; that acknowledges that Black lives matter; and acknowledges that there has to be a response.

“There is no better time for H.R. 40 to be part of the national dialogue, and part of the national legislative response.” she added.


Late Wednesday, Jackson Lee also tweeted her support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, writing:

.#BlackLivesMatter inspires millions of Americans to take to the streets peacefully to challenge their government about the many African American men and women who have died at the hands of law enforcement, and to demand that African Americans be afforded human decency. 1/3

Protesting is a tactic that Americans have regularly used to fight for justice. How dare @POTUS call #BlackLivesMatter a symbol of hate — when Nazis in Charlottesville marched he said there were good people on both sides! 2/3

Our Civil Rights will not be denied by evil distractions intended to divide us, not unite us. The majority of Americans are ready to unite around justice for all! #BlackLivesMatter 3/3