Rouhani calls for Biden to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal “The ball is in the U.S. court now”

Speaking ahead of Joe Biden’s Inauguration, Iranian President Rouhani called for Biden to bring the U.S. back to the Iran Nuclear deal established in 2015.

“The ball is in the U.S. court now. If Washington returns to Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, we will also fully respect our commitments under the pact,” Rouhani said according to Reuters.

“Today, we expect the incoming U.S. administration to return to the rule of law and commit themselves,” he continued “and if they can, in the next four years, to remove all the black spots of the previous four years,” he added.

“Tyrant Trump’s political career and his ominous reign are over today and his ‘maximum pressure’ policy on Iran has completely failed,”he added “Trump is dead but the nuclear deal is still alive.”

Last week Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu warned against the U.S. rejoining the deal, saying “If we just go back to the JCPOA, what will happen and may already be happening is that many other countries in the Middle East will rush to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. That is a nightmare and that is folly. It should not happen.”