Rosie Taunts Trump “its all crumbling before his eyes – he is losing it”

Wednesday, comic Rosie O’Donnell taunted President Trump, tweeting:

and its all crumbling before his eyes – he is losing it #marytrump #AmericaOrTrump

Later, on the same day, Rosie responded to filmmaker Rob Reiner, who wrote:

A sociopath doesn’t care if people die. Donald Trump is a sociopath. The deaths of our citizens and military personnel is his fault. The deaths of our children will be his fault. He doesn’t care.

Rosie wrote “trump will kill us all #Americaortrump

Rosie also shared a tweet from Andy Ostroy who wrote:

.@realDonaldTrump: you are a total fraud. You’re not smart. You’re not rich. You’re not tough. You’re not honest. You’re not law & order. You’re not patriotic. You’re just a lying, dumb, weak, feckless coward traitor who inherited everything you have.

Rosie added “feckless coward trump #AmericaOrTrump

A day earlier Rosie responded to Patricia Arquette, who wrote:

Reminder- Donald Trump is not the legitimate President of the Unites States. He never has been . He never will be.

Rosie added “exactly”

Responding to a segment about Tucker Carlson’s feud with Tammy Duckworth, Rosie wrote “shut the f*ck up tuck #worstMANever