Rosie Spreads Conspiracy that “Trump Has Coronavirus” Despite Negative Test Announcement

Yesterday, President Trump tested negative for Coronavirus according to the White House physician.

“This evening,” White House physician Sean Conley said, “I received confirmation that the test is negative.”

Nevertheless, critics of President Trump refused to believe the news.

The immediate reaction of Rosie O’Donnell was to tweet “trumps doctor lies.”

Rosie has now taken it a step further, by spreading the conspiracy theory that “Trump Has Coronavirus” using the Twitter Hashtag #TrumpHasCoronavirus

The White House physician added that he has been in “daily contact” with the Center for Disease Control and White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Rosie responded to a tweet from Julie Osibin, who wrote:

I AM F**KING DONE. I don’t want to hear another f**king lie come out of this goddamn imbecilic, train wreck of an administration. I don’t want to hear another f**king complaint about President Obama or her fucking emails.This catastrophe is on you and only you @realDonaldTrump

and added “we can’t trust him. #TrumpHasCoronavirus.”

Earlier, Rosie used the same hashtag, tweeting “trump lies every time he speaks

Many of Rosie’s followers agreed with her sentiment despite having no evidence to substantiate the claim.

Thomas Geaslin wrote “I am willing to bet tRump paid off his doctors to lie in the matter of “National Security”!! He can not be trusted!!”

Jo wrote “I agree but he won’t quarantine so he will pass on the virus.”

Susan wrote “Fingers crossed.”

Courtney Vollmer went against the trend on Rosie’s replies and wrote “You’ve all lose your collective minds.”

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