Rosie Heaps Praise on NBC Reporter Trump Ripped, Says “You are an Amazing Journalist”

Rosie O’Donnell has commented on the contentious exchange between NBC reporter Peter Alexander and President Trump that ended with Trump calling Alexander a “terrible journalist.”

Rosie also tweeted:

hey @PeterAlexander you are an amazing journalist – trump is insane – keep fighting for us

Rosie also retweeted a Twitter user who wrote “I beg you @JoeBideny to give @PeterAlexander an exclusive interview and answer the same question. You can then use the back to back opposites in a campaign ad.”

Per MRC, during Friday’s coronavirus press conference at the White House, NBC correspondent Peter Alexander decided that it was more important to get into an argument with President Trump than actually keep the American people informed about the global pandemic. The reporter began his nasty line of questioning by accusing the President of spreading “false hope” – until Trump shut him down.

“Is it possible that your impulse to put a positive spin on things may be giving Americans a false sense of hope by misrepresenting the preparedness right now?,” Alexander hurled at the President, referencing experimental medical treatments for COVID-19. Trump sarcastically remarked, “Such a lovely question,” before explaining: “Look, it may work and it may not work….I feel good about it, that’s all it is, just a feeling.”

Peter Alexander tweeted about the incident:

I offered both Pres Trump and VP Pence an opportunity to reassure Americans.

Simple question: “What do you say to Americans who are scared?”

Trump, to me: “I say, you’re a terrible reporter.”

Pence, an hour later: “Don’t be afraid. Be vigilant.”


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