Rosie Gives Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis a “Zero”

Yahoo reports Rosie O’Donnell is unhappy with how President Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with TMX News on Thursday, O’Donnell called the president “a disappointment.”

“There is tremendous confusion and that comes right from President Trump,” she began. “That’s where the confusion comes from. It started from him saying it was a hoax and it was a Democratic hoax.”

The former View host continued, “At that level of crisis that he would choose to go that way, he really is such a disappointment to so many, on so many different levels and in November, I think America will use their voices loud and strong and vote him out.”

O’Donnell, 57, said she would give Trump “a zero.”

“He had been perpetrating false truths for a long time and even to this day, we don’t get a fact without him giving himself some tremendous accolades, or one of his sycophantic administration people praising him before we get a fact, and facts that aren’t even true,” O’Donnell said.

“We need to, when this is over, get through the reasons why things happened as they did so we can make sure this never happens again,” she added. “We’re looking forward to a time when the nation has a leader that they can trust, that they can believe who doesn’t lie to them. That will I think cause a lot of people comfort.”

As for how she’s doing amid the crisis, O’Donnell said she’s “holding up.”

“Like everyone else, I’m watching the news, I’m trying not to overeat which is a difficult thing,” she quipped. “It feels as though I can’t get enough pop tarts for some reason, that’s the food of the pandemic for me.”

Per TCO, Friday Rosie O’Donnell attacked Trump for using the term “Chinese virus.”

Rosie tweeted “chinese virus still – u sick f**k”

Meanwhile, while President Trump is referencing the fact that the coronavirus did originate in China, a video unearthed from 2007 shows Rosie O’Donnell mocking asian people with an ethnic stereotype accent “ching chong ching” bit.


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