Rosie Declares “Ur So Screwed Donald,” Shares Image of Trump Tweet with “GUILTY” Scribbled on It

In what appears like a satirical parody of a horror movie, Anti-Trump entertainer Rosie O’Donnell shared a Trump tweet with “GUILTY” scribbled on it and then added “ur so screwed donald #ThankfulThursday #ImpeachTrump.”

It’s unknown if Rosie was the one who scribbled “GUILTY” or if it was someone else.

Here is the full image of the creepy image.

Most of Rosie’s supporters were supportive, but some were not convinced President Trump could be removed.

Jeanne wrote:

I worry the senators will not vote to remove. And the thought of an unchecked President running again and possibly winning is terrifying!

One wrote “Rosie, I wish that was true. Too many of his supporters have not been moved. I am disappointed to the point of despair. What have we become? He is so obviously corrupt. THe gift the founding fathers gave to us is being shaped into something I do not recognize.”

Last week Rosie O’Donnell pinned to her Twitter account a tweet stating “its over 4 Trump!” citing an article by Raw Story where Ken Starr has suggested Sondland’s testimony could prompt GOP to “make a trip to the White House” to ask Trump to resign.


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