Rosie declares “donald trump is too dumb to be president” praises Mary Trump

Moments ago, comedian Rosie O’Donnell wrote on Twitter “donald trump is too dumb to be president #americaPLEASE”

A few minutes earlier Rosie praised Donald Trump’s niece who wrote a “tell all” book attacking the President.

Rosie wrote “yes i love mary trumps book – she is brave and brilliant #MaryTrumps #americaNOW”

Saturday, Rosie commented on President Trump sending federal law enforcement to Portland and used the hashtag #FascistTrump.

Rosie replied to a tweet from the anti-Trump PAC Lincoln Project that wrote “Portland is a test. Let’s not fail it.”

Rosie added:

that’s some scary stuff there in Portland #AmericaOrTrump #FascistTrump #RemoveTrump