BREAKING: Rosie Accuses Trump of Being a “Russian Asset,” Thanks LeBron James

Moments ago, Comedian Rosie O’Donnell accused Trump of being a “Russian Asset.”

Rosie replied to a Twitter user sharing a article from RawStory and wrote “trump is a russian asset”

Moments earlier, Rosie replied to a Twitter user who wrote “Let me ask. When you look at trump (I know that is difficult), do you see strength? Or, do you see a whiny, thin skinned , spineless, draft dodging coward? That is what I see and I guarantee you every man or woman who died in military service would feel the same as I do.”

Rosie replied “we must vote him out #AmericaOrTrump.”

Earlier in the day, Rosie thanked LeBron James, responding to a tweet by Laurence Tribe.

Tribe wrote “If even LeBron sees another Trump term as threatening, shouldn’t you?”

He shared a clip of Lebron saying “We are scared as Black people in America.”

On Friday, Rosie touted anti-Trump tweets by comedian Jim Gaffigan.