Rose McGowan Calls for Bill Clinton to be Arrested following Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest

Following the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell, actress Rose McGowan called for Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew to be next.

Per the PostMillennial, as to why Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew would be next in line, one witness came forward claiming that Bill Clinton spent time with Epstein at the financier’s notorious pedophile island—contradicting the former president’s denials that he had ever visited there.

Clinton had admitted to travelling on the late pedophile’s so-called “Lolita Express” private jet, but has insisted that he never visited his well-connected friend’s private Caribbean island, Little St. James, according to the New York Post.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who is now an advocate of justice for sex trafficking victims, also claimed to have seen Clinton on the island before, which is where she says she was forced to take part in an orgy with Epstein, Prince Andrew and nine young girls.

Prince Andrew has been formally asked to speak at the Jeffrey Epstein inquiry by the US Department of Justice, according to the BBC.

The Department of Justice filed a “mutual legal assistance” (MLA) to the UK Home Office, which allowed them to bypass Buckingham Palace in the hopes that the Prince Andrew will then be forced to testify.

All eyes turned to Prince Andrew after his incredibly awkward interview with the BBC, wherein the Prince dismissed allegations towards him, specifically dismissing one claim stating that the allegation of him dancing and sweating around Roberts Giuffre were false because he “could not sweat” at the time due to an “adrenaline overdose” he suffered during the Falkland War.