Rose McGowan Blasts DNC, Dems, says “I strongly believe Joe Biden is a rapist”

In a post that has gone viral on Twitter, actress Rose McGowan shared a somber meme.

In the image, she writes “I was raped by a TOP Democratic donor. hillary Clinton shut down NBC’s expose of HW (Harvey Weinstein) with one call from her spokesperson.”

She continues “I strongly believe Joe Biden is a rapist. DNC had Bill Clinton, serial abuser of young women (Epstein & others) speak.”

“you want me to be pro-Dem? I know more than you will ever know about their evil. You can hide behind your convenient morality. I won’t” she added

Joe Biden was accused of rape by Tara Reade.

Tara Reade replied directly to Rose McGowan.

And don’t ever forget @Alyssa_Milano Joe Biden sexually harassed and assaulted then ruined my life. Not once not twice but three times. YOU ARE COMPLICIT @Alyssa_Milano and an enabler of rape And I will NEVER let you forget how you tried to erase me. Now stop trolling Rose.