Rosanna Arquette claims Trump’s “Psychosis has become normalized this is more dangerous than ever”

Liberal actress Rosanna Arquette reacted to President Trump’s national coronavirus address with a scathing tweet.

Arquette wrote:

his Psychosis has become normalized this is more dangerous than ever the evil empire must go blue no matter what.

Many of her followers agreed.

Per TCO in January, Arquette blasted President Trump and the entire GOP party in a passionate tweet after the strike on Iranian general Soleimani.

He has set it up so that not one Allie we have ever had will come to America’s aid all for Putin he is a war criminal and people are going to die he has put us in a war to stop from being impeached blood is on all the hands of the GOP who have put soulless party over America.

Arquette later added:

It’s hilarious that maga trolls say I’m going after trump when I said PUTIN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT.

I cant stop thinking of all the bloodshed that will happen as a result of another nightmare he has created

Arquette also Retweeted Ilhan Omar, who wrote:

They’re going to accuse anyone who cautions against war of “siding with our enemies” or “supporting terrorists.”

This is the exact rhetoric that got us into the War in Iraq.

Don’t fall for it.

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