Rosanna Arquette Accuses Trump of “Gestapo Tactics” on “Peaceful Protesters” in Portland

This morning, actress Rosanna Arquette accused Trump of using “Gestapo tactics” on “peaceful protesters” in Portland.

The top story in the country right now should be un identified men with Military killing machine GUNS are arresting and kidnapping peaceful protestors in Portland and we don’t know where they are taking them. This is Terrorism ,GESTAPO tactics and incredibly illegal

This is the video that has been circulating from Portland that Arquette is likely referring to.

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf responded to a story from the AP making it clear that the protesters were not “peaceful” at all.

Wolf wrote “Let’s get this right. “Protestors” imply they were peacefully exercising their 1st amendment rights. Instead, DHS officers were assaulted with lasers and frozen water bottles from violent criminals attempting to tear down federal property. 2 officers were injured. Facts matter.’

Here are some videos of what took place in Portland last night.

While Portland Police are mostly prohibited from using tear gas, the federal police are not. Antifa rioters forced out of the area with flashbangs and tear gas:

.@PortlandPolice retreat at one point as the angry mob of antifa black bloc throw projectiles and move in closer to the southeast Sherrif’s Office building. #PortlandRiots

Scenes of chaos: Antifa started another fire downtown, stole park fencing to create their own barricades. All traffic was again blocked by them in this area of downtown. Federal police then deploy tear gas to disperse rioters.

Antifa rioters steal the fencing from the closed parks in downtown Portland to make their own barricades in the street. Video by @JenDowlingKoin6.