Ronna McDaniel challenges CNN and MSNBC to call out Dem Senator for “mansplaining” to ACB

Moments ago, Ronna McDaniel blasted Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and challenged CNN and MSNBC to call him out for rude interruptions, barely letting Judge Barrett speak, and “mansplaining.”

McDaniel tweeted:

Sheldon Whitehouse had 50 minutes to question #JudgeBarrett.

Instead he pompously lectured her, interrupted her 10 times, and only let her speak for 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

Will a single CNN or MSNBC talking head cry “mansplaining”?

Not holding my breath.

McDaniel then added “Update: MSNBC’s Chuck Todd just interviewed Sheldon Whitehouse for 10 minutes and called him out for not letting a woman speak.

…just kidding, of course didn’t!”

Yesterday, Whitehouse did not allow Barrett a single moment to speak, monopolizing his entire time to accuse Republicans of a dark money scheme.

Whitehouse used a variety of props during his presentation.

Steven Crowder tweeted “Props to Amy Coney Barrett for keeping a straight face through Whitehouse’s signs.”