Ronna McDaniel blasts Harris’ handling of the border, says “Kamala Harris is sending a clear message. She doesn’t care”

Appearing on Fox News, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blasted VP Harris’ handling of the border.

“The border is in crisis,” McDaniel said. “and I think every American looks at what is happening with a 200% increase in people coming through, 14,000 children were unaccompanied last month, Harris. I can’t even imagine the atrocities they are facing along with the sweltering heat and coming unaccompanied. An 800% increase of fentanyl coming across our Texas border. We know we have an overdose problem in this country and our border is porous. Kamala Harris is sending a clear message. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t care. She is not calling Governor Abbott. She knows she is in charge. And this is an issue she has just decided to turn a blind eye to and people are suffering as a result.”