Romney Says if Trump Asked Ukraine to Investigate Biden It Would Be “Troubling in the Extreme”

Failed Presidential candidate and current Senator Mitt Romney tweeted Sunday that if President Trump Asked Ukraine’s president to investigate Biden it would be “troubling in the extreme.”

He also added it’s “Critical for the facts to come out.”

NY Times author Kurt Eichenwald agreed, responding and adding:


Yes, if. Yes, wait for facts. But IF he did it, it’s “troubling”?

If it’s true, pretend it’s Obama who engaged in using the the presidency to extort a nation climbing out of corruption to help his political goals. It’s an impeachable offense. Not “troubling.”

Some Democrats ripped Romney nonetheless.

“troubling” is the favorite word of utterly spineless complicit Republican cowards

yeah don’t break a sweat there Gov. Romney

Mitt Romney interviewed with President Trump for Secretary of State but was passed up for Rex Tillerson.

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