Romney rips Trump decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, Iraq by mid January

President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to withdraw 2,500 U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Iraq by mid January.

The announcement was made Tuesday by acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller announced Tuesday.

2,000 of the cuts will come from Afghanistan and 500 from Iraq.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney issued a statement criticizing the decision.

“The decision to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and potentially elsewhere should not be based on a U.S. political calendar,” Romney said.

“The Administration has yet to explain why reducing troops in Afghanistan—where conditions for withdrawal have not been met—is a wise decision for our national security interests in the region,” he continued.

“Similarly, with continued security challenges in the Middle East, an arbitrary withdrawal from Iraq risks alienating our allies and emboldening our enemies. At a time when our adversaries are looking for every opportunity to exploit our weaknesses, the Administration should reconsider and reverse this politically-motivated decision and avoid worsening our national security challenges,” Romney added.