Romney reportedly “felt a pit in his stomach” election night 2020 when he thought Trump would win

In a new book, Utah Senator Mitt Romney says he “felt a pit in his stomach” when early returns were better than expected for Trump in the 2020 election and he thought Trump might defeat Biden.

“I think he’s going to win,” Romney said in a upcoming book by Washington Post reporters Carol D. Leonnig and Philip Rucker.

“Those polls were way off. I think he’s going to pull it out,” he added.

Romney also said he was “heartsick” after watching the Trump’s speech the early morning after the election where he challenged the validity of the remaining ballots

“We’re in a global battle for the survival of liberal democracy in the face of autocracy and autocratic regimes attempting to dominate the world,” Romney said.

“So saying something and doing things that would suggest that in the free nation of the United States of America and the model of democracy for the world, that we can’t have a free and fair election would have a destructive effect on democracy around the world, not just to mention here,” he added.