Romney calls for “strong Trump supporters” in GOP to speak out and “get behind” Biden

Appearing on CNN, Utah Senator Mitt Romney said “some of those that are really identified as being strong Trump supporters, they’d make a real difference if they came out and spoke and said, ‘You know what, we got to get behind this new President-elect. He was legitimately elected. Let’s move on’”

During the same interview, Romney said he doesn’t think “Trumpism” is going away.

“I think President Trump will continue to have substantial influence on the party, and I think if you look at the people who are rumored to be thinking of running in 2024, besides the president, those are people who are trying to appeal to kind of a populist approach,” Romney told Dana Bash “So, I don’t think Trumpism is going away.”

“But I hope that we can have disagreements over policy,” he continued “and a vision of our respective parties without continuing to promote a narrative which puts democracy itself in jeopardy and when you tell people that voting doesn’t work and that democracy can’t work because we don’t have legitimate elections, that’s a very dangerous thing to be saying.”