Romney breaks with Trump, defends voting by mail in new interview

In a new interview with the Sutherland institute, Utah Senator Mitt Romney broke with President Trump and defended voting by mail.

Asked what he thinks about Trump claiming voting by mail would increase voter fraud Romney said “I don’t know of any evidence that voting by mail would increase voter fraud. My biggest concern, frankly, with regards to voting fraud has been that there would be some kind of hacking of our voting electronic systems, and that voting machines or tabulating equipment would be hacked.”

Romney continued “That’s more important than even the outcome of the vote. We have got to preserve the principle of democracy or the trend we’re on is going to continue to get worse.”

He added “When politicians attack a judicial system, attack a voting system … attack a free press, these things threaten the foundation upon which not only our own democracy rests but democracies around the world rest.”

Mitt Romney was the only Republican Senator to vote for convicting President Trump during impeachment.