Romney argues it’s hypocritical for Republicans to criticize big spending under Biden

Appearing on the “Utah Politics” podcast, Republican Senator Mitt Romney argued it’s hypocritical for Republicans to criticize big spending under Biden, arguing that the deficit also grew during the Trump admin.

“When we had a Republican president and House and Senate, we kept on spending massively and adding almost a trillion dollars a year to the national debt,” Romney said.

“Now we say this is outrageous adding so much to the debt? They say we did the same thing when we were in charge. It does show that you have to be consistent in your arguments,” he added.

Democrats are looking to push through a $1.9 trillion dollar pandemic relief package and have floated doing it through reconciliation and without GOP support.

While Republicans have argued Biden’s call for “unity” would be debunked by this move, Romney mentioned Republicans used the procedure to pass tax cuts in 2017.

“There’s no question that if you begin doing things which break precedent or break tradition, the other side is going to do that when they’re in charge,” Romney said. “When we’ve put a tax program on that basis that did not require any Democrat votes through reconciliation, we have a difficult time explaining why we’re not happy with what they would be doing at this stage.”