Rolling Thunder Leader Says Bikers Will Protest in DC if Dems Impeach Trump

The veterans motorcycle group known as “Rolling Thunder” has recently announced their intent to return to DC, should House Democrats under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi seek to impeach President Trump.

“I think he’s doing a great job, and I wish Nancy Pelosi and her cronies would get off his back,” the group’s executive director, Artie Miller, said of Trump and Democrats’ attempts to impeach him.

Muller, a Vietnam veteran, called Pelosi an “arrogant little bitch” and suggested that any moves to impeach Trump would result in “not just bikers, but patriotic Americans” marching on the nation’s capital.

Other prominent members of the group echoed Muller’s remarks, indicating that a sizable number of the group would be willing to show up to DC to support Trump.

From The Washington Examiner:

Leaders of the veterans group Rolling Thunder are poised to roar back to Washington to defend President Trump if Democrats move to impeach him.

They say Trump hasn’t changed their mind about ending their annual massive Memorial Day biker gathering. But some bikers will be back to demand House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., halt impeachment proceedings if she cranks them up.

“I think he’s doing a great job, and I wish Nancy Pelosi and her cronies would get off his back,” executive director Artie Muller said Thursday after returning to New Jersey from the group’s final planned national gathering in Washington.

Muller predicted a large convergence that would feature “not just bikers, but patriotic Americans.”

Muller, 74, a former Army sergeant who served in Vietnam, said he appreciates that Trump “speaks the truth” and said he considers Pelosi an “arrogant little bitch.”

“Same with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi should open up their closets and put some charges against them,” he said.

Muller is likely to be joined by throngs of fellow bikers if a pro-Trump rally were to take place. Many members of the POW/MIA organization are fiercely supportive of Trump, even if they are sticking to their plan to fragment the Memorial Day gathering into regional rides after 32 years of descending on Washington.

Francis “Mac” MacDonald, the president of a Rolling Thunder chapter in Virginia, said he “and most of our chapter” would ride in Trump’s defense but stressed it would be in a personal capacity. He bans political and religious talk among his chapter in favor of unifying ideals.

The numbers involved in a pro-Trump rally could be large. More than 1 million bikers are believed to have traveled to D.C. for this year’s Rolling Thunder rally. And infrequent, unrelated biker activism has drawn large numbers, including a 2013 ride that brought thousands of bikers to counterprotest a 9/11 event originally billed as the Million Muslim March.

Gus Dante, a national board member of Rolling Thunder, said he’s not sure that he would join an anti-impeachment protest, wanting to preserve a working relationship with Democrats such as the cause’s “dear friend” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

Dante, however, said “everyone is fed up” with Washington politics, and that it was conceivable large numbers of bikers would participate.

The Rolling Thunder organization campaigns for missing and imprisoned soldiers and decided in November, after a bitter disagreement with Pentagon parking lot officials, to end the national trek to Washington.