Roger Stone threatens to sue DOJ, Comey, Mueller, Brennan, others after pardon

Recently pardoned Roger Stone said Christmas Eve he plans to file a $25 million dollar lawsuit against the US DOJ and several Obama-era government officials.

According to the report from Newsweek, Roger Stone has listed several people he plans to sue individually as well including former FBI Director James Comey, former special counsel Robert S. Mueller and former CIA Director John O. Brennan.

“The terms of my pardon allow me to sue the Department of Justice, Robert Mueller, James Comey, John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein , Josnathan Kravis , Aaron ‘ Fat Ass’ Zelinsky Jeanie Rhee and [former federal prosecutor] Michael Morando .,” Stone posted to his Parler account on Thursday morning.

Stone added “My lawyers will be filing formal complaints for prosecutorial misconduct’s with DOJ office of professional responsibility at the same time I file a 25 million Dollar lawsuit against the DOJ and each of these individuals personally: In fact I am going to add Bill Barr to the lawsuit and I will handle his cross-examination personally….”

Rep. Adam Schiff blasted President Trump’s latest round of pardons, tweeting:

There are people in federal prison who deserve a pardon.

Some are serving lengthy sentences for non-violent crimes, or have reformed.

But who does Trump pardon?

Those who lie, cheat or steal for him and his family.

There’s no rule of law with Trump.

Just naked self-interest.