Robert Davi blasts Dem who ended prayer “Amen and a woman”

Fallout continues for Democrat Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, who ended a prayer by saying “Amen and a woman,” despite the fact that the word “Amen” has nothing to do with gender.

Pro-Trump actor Robert David tweeted “This is what hollywood encourages right” tagging Jimmy Kimmel, Rob Reiner, and Bette Midler.

“This is your woke culture of stupidity,” he added.

Here are some other reactions:

“This prayer came on the heels of proposed changes in house rules to “honor all gender identities,” and eliminate gendered words like mother, father, he, and she in favor of gender-neutral terms. But instead of sounding tolerant, he sounded like an idiot.”

“The “m e n” in a word doesn’t denote the male of the human race. It’s just a word. English words have roots derived from Latin and Greek. They are not political. Emmanuel Cleaver should lose his pastorship and his House seat based on such ridiculous pandering.”

“Hey @spst1958..If your school isn’t embarrassed by Emmanuel Cleaver’s “Awomen” stunt, it should be. He certainly showed himself unable to rightly divide the Word of Truth. You should rescind his degree!”

“Congratulations to Rep Emmanuel Cleaver for adding “Awoman” to the end of the opening prayer of the 117th Congress.

You just moved into 2nd place behind Rep Hank Johnson for the dumbest words ever uttered in Congress.”


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