Rob Reiner vents “Getting sick and tired of Joe Manchin controlling the Senate”

Progressive Democrat and Filmmaker Rob Reiner vented Thursday “getting sick and tired of Joe Manchin controlling the Senate. Passing legislation that is supported by the vast majority of the American people should not rely on courting Republican Senators who stand for nothing but obstructionism and White Supremacy.”

Appearing on CNN Thursday, Manchin said  “I support what the president did today, from what I heard, okay, what he’s doing on executive order. Now, there an awful lot of things that he talked about, but the executive order says ghost guns should not be allowed to be legally made or sold or used. It’s illegal. Because they’re making them off of printers and you can’t detect them.”

The Maine Senator then said he doesn’t support the House’s background check bill the way it’s currently written, adding “but, you know, that’s negotiations.”