Rob Reiner vents frustration, says “The Lying Sociopath” is sending his “Lunatic General” out to plant the idea of another Insurrection”

Tuesday, filmmaker and activist Rob Reiner vented his continued frustration at former President Trump, tweeting “The Lying Sociopath is sending his Qanon Lunatic General out to plant the idea of another Insurrection.”

“At the risk of sounding like a broken record. Kill the filibuster! Pass voting rights! Stop the Criminal! Save Democracy!!” Reiner added.

The same day Reiner asked “Question for today and beyond: Will we get to One World before we have no World?”

A day earlier Reiner wrote “President Biden said: “Our Democracy is in peril.” It is. The Republicans are hell bent on killing it. It’s time to resort to our most powerful weapon. The Vote. Kill the filibuster. Pass Voting Rights and save 245 years of Self Rule.”