Rob Reiner “There’s no other way to say this: Donald Trump is murdering Americans”

Monday, filmmaker Rob Reiner accused President Trump of being a murderer. In a tweet that has been favorited over 140k times, Reiner wrote:

There’s no other way to say this: Donald Trump is murdering Americans.

Many liberal Twitter users replied to Rob Reiner in agreement and made provocative claims.

How much do you think Putin is paying him per dead American due to Covid?

And so is Ron DeSantis govenor of Florida who cares more about tRump’s opinion than the people of Florida. He should be kicked out of office!!!

Over 130,000. He is guilty of crimes against humanity, two counts of treason, dividing this nation and giving a voice to the worst societal element, namely white supremacists.

It is the truth, and our governor is murdering Floridians.

Yes he is. I’m particularly concerned about his cavalier attitude towards the safety of students and teachers. I’m a teacher and I want to get back to normal as much as anyone but I don’t trust Trump or Betsy Devos to give a crap about us. #BetsyDeVos #Trump

So are Trump supporters. That’s why they deserve to be shamed and ridiculed privately and publicly.