Rob Reiner “There is no question. Trump’s mental illness is killing people”

Anti-Trump filmmaker Rob Reiner set Twitter on fire with another one of his provocative tweets.

This time Reiner wrote:

There is no question. Trump’s mental illness is killing people. We are in a crisis of epic proportions. I call on Bush, Obama and every prominent American, Republican and Democrat, to step forward to stop this insanity and save human life.

It is just the latest of many tweets from Reiner demonstrating his disgust for the 45th President of the United States.

Thursday, Reiner tweeted:

The President of the United States is a lying piece of Garbage.

Wednesday, Reiner tweeted:

Only a Sociopathic Snake Oil Salesman could put a positive spin on over 800,000 sick and 45,000 dead Americans.

Donald Trump’s Malignant Narcissism and Incompetence is killing thousands of US every single day.

Monday, Reiner tweeted:

Trump is not responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak. But is 100% responsible for his incompetent childish finger pointing response, the collapse of the economy & his utterly incoherent plan to heal US. Never forget. On Nov.3 Remember.

And before that, Reiner tweeted:

He’s lost Piers Morgan. Tucker’s disappearing. Laura Ingraham is not stupid. She could go. And since McConnell is ballsless, if Hannity would just start feeling a little guilty about being an accomplice to his sickness, he’ll be gone and lives will be saved.

Donald Trump is stoking the anger of protesters. Encouraging them to defy their Governors. The Stable Genius is having a hard time wrapping his stable genius mind around the concept of the difficulty of going back to work if you’re dead.

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