Rob Reiner “The survival of our Democracy demands” Trump’s family “be prosecuted”

In his latest provocative tweet, filmmaker and anti-Trump activist Rob Reiner argues “The survival of our Democracy demands” Trump’s family “be prosecuted”

Reiner wrote “Lest we forget. The GOP run Senate Intel Committee has referred Criminal proceedings to the DOJ against Kushner and Don Jr. We can not let the firehose of corruption gushing from this Crime Family go unchecked.”

He added “The survival of our Democracy demands they all be prosecuted.”

Tuesday, Reiner tweeted “A pardon in exchange for money? Trump’s Presidency: 4 years of wall to wall Criminality. This sick liar never met a Crime he didn’t like.”

Reiner also called Trump “a Loser” writing “Donald Trump is a Loser. His whole life. Trump University. Trump Foundation. Trump Steaks. Trump Water. Trump Airlines. Trump Casinos. 6 Bankruptcies. Impeached. Now his biggest loss. The Presidency. This will forever be his brand. A Loser.”

Reiner failed to mention that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 to win the Presidency in one of the biggest political upsets in history.