Rob Reiner smears Rush as a “purveyor of disinformation” a day after his death, warns of others

Only a day after his death, filmmaker Rob Reiner labeled conservative icon Rush Limbaugh as a “purveyor of disinformation” and warned of others like him.

Reiner wrote “Rush Limbaugh is gone. But there is no scarcity of purveyors of disinformation left in his wake.”

He added “to protect our Democracy we must remain vigilant in calling out their big lies. Starting with climate change.”

Many of Reiner’s supporters agreed.

One Twitter user replied “Definitely have to deal with FOX. They are a danger to the country. Especially now that Tucker Carlson will have his show in the evening and he will be doing the news too. Dangerous dangerous dangerous”

Another Twitter user replied to Reiner with a tweet from Mark Twain.

Another wrote “We really need to establish a Department of Truth.”