Rob Reiner Says the “Cancer” of Trump’s Presidency “has spread throughout America”

Anti-Trump filmmaker Rob Reiner is back at it with his anti-Trump activist tweets.

Wednesday, Reiner tweeted:

John Dean once said of Richard Nixon: “There’s a cancer on the Presidency.” For 3+ yrs. there’s been a cancer on this Presidency. But this cancer has spread throughout America.

Actress Rosanna Arquette replied “And there is no treatment for it yet”

Alice Evans responded:

So sad and so accurate.

Tuesday Reiner tweeted:

Fact: We have the most Criminally Corrupt President in our Nation’s history. His severely challenged Mental Incompetence is causing Death. The GOP knows this. But refuses to act. On Nov.3, we will. Joe Biden. To heal America.

One Twitter user who agreed with Reiner wrote:

It does not matter if you are Rep or Dem this election. Trump must go before he kills this country. I may not agree with all of Biden’s ideas but he is at least qualified for POTUS and is an expert in foreign policy. Always has been. Anyone is better than Trump!

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