Rob Reiner says “a vote for Trump is a vote for Death” predicts “Biden will win in a landslide”

Anti-Trump filmmaker lit Twitter on fire Tuesday with the provocative tweet equating a vote for Trump with “as vote for Death.”

A few days earlier, Reiner predicted “Biden will win in a landslide because of one word: ENOUGH!”

Reiner also tweeted Tuesday:

The mountain of corruption is so vast that concrete proof of Barr’s political use of the DOJ to protect Trump’s criminality, which would be one of the biggest scandals in US history, is a mere blip. The insanity will end on Nov.3.

Reiner has made it a regular practice to throw verbal bombs at President Trump.

June 21st, Reiner tweeted “The only thing smaller than Trump’s hands is his crowd size.”

June 20th Reiner tweeted “The President of the United States is a criminal. For the preservation of Democracy, he must not be allowed to escape the consequences of his crimes. Fortunately, he can’t fire the AG of New York State.”

June 19th Reiner tweeted “Make no mistake Trump’s firing of Jeffrey Berman is a desperate attempt to save his ass. The Corruption & Lawlessness of this sick Sociopath makes one’s head explode. Biden will win in a landslide because of one word: ENOUGH!”

June 18th Reiner tweeted “Donald Trump is a failure as a President. But worse, he’s a failure as a human being.”