Rob Reiner pushes for Trump to resign, says “This is a matter of life and death”

Calling it a “matter of life and death” filmmaker Rob Reiner pushed for President Trump to resign.

Reiner wrote “This is no longer about politics. This is a matter of life and death.”

He added “Its time for those who have influence and a heart to step forward and ask Donald Trump to resign.”

Several who support his point of view responded.

“Trump needs to resign. And, anyone in his administration is null & void from seeking public office or a government appointed position, until after a thorough investigation clears them of complicit criminal behavior. We need to hold all Trump’s appointed cronies accountable.”

“The saddest part about this factual statement is that if you had tweeted it three years ago it would still be equally true.”

“That disqualifies the entire Republican Party. They have proven themselves immoral. Greed, power dishonesty, cowardice and contempt defines them.”

Craig Steger went against the grain and replied “Do you have a padded room ready to go if Trump wins re-election?”