Rob Reiner praises Biden on withdrawal despite Americans left behind

Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner praised President Biden on the day of America’s Afghanistan withdrawal despite the administration’s admission some Americans who wanted to get out were left behind.

Reiner wrote “America’s 20 year involvement in an unwinable is over. It took the guts of a Commander-in-Chief with the strength and fortitude to withstand the overwhelming barrage of criticism to do what was right.”

However, according to polling the majority do not agree with Reiner.

A recent Ramussen poll asked “How would you rate the Biden administration’s handling of the current situation in Afghanistan?”

A majority, 52 percent, rated Biden’s handling “poor.” Only 21% said “good” and only 11% replied “excellent.”

13 U.S. service members were killed in a Kabul airport attack.

General McKenzie acknowledged “No American citizens came out” on the last 5 planes that just left Kabul.

A Afghanistan family is speaking out and says 10 family members were killed in a US drone strike on Sunday.

“Why have they killed our family? Our children? They are so burned we cannot identify their bodies, their faces,” Emal Ahmadi pleaded.