Rob Reiner mocked after claiming “Trump has failed at everything he’s ever done in his life”

Saturday, filmmaker Rob Reiner tweeted:

Donald Trump has failed at everything he’s ever done in his life. He will fail at trying to steal this election. He will lose and he will leave.

Many Twitter users were not buying it.

One Twitter user replied:

Ah yes, the guy that’s a billionaire, who built a real estate empire, married a supermodel, raised successful kids, ran for POTUS, won the nom and faced off against one of the most powerful and entrenched candidates to ever run and beat her on his first try

Definitely a failure

Another Twitter user replied:

Wow! I wish I can fail as hard as him, maybe I can be a billionaire and become president too

He’s President #StillAMeatHead

yea, I wish I could fail so much and be a Billionaire & President of the most Powerful Nation in the world..yep, a real failure, alright.