Rob Reiner, George Takei spread false claim that Trump wore pants backwards during NC speech

Thousands of anti-Trump social media users spread a false claim debunked by Snopes that former President Trump wore his pants backwards during his North Carolina GOP Speech.

Rob Reiner wrote “It’s one thing to hold a Bible upside down for a photo op. You’re just a calculating asshole. It’s another to put your pants on backwards in an attempted comeback. Now you’re a pathetic loser.”

George Takei wrote “Normally I would have compassion for a man who must appear in public with pull up big boy pants with no zipper or on backwards. But 45 made a false issue of Biden’s fitness for office and mocked disabled people publicly. So he gets cut no slack from me for them slacks.”

CNN Fact Checker Daniel Dale “Thousands of anti-Trump people are tweeting a false claim about the former president’s pants.”

“Great work, excellent use of time,” he then added, perhaps sarcastically.

Snopes writes “No, Trump Did Not Wear His Pants Backwards at Rally.”