Rob Reiner fumes at 43 Republican Senators who voted to acquit Trump with scathing tweets

Filmmaker Rob Reiner took out his frustration that former President Trump was acquitted on twitter.

Reiner tweeted Saturday “Impeachment #1: Trump tried to cheat to win the election by bribing a foreign leader. Impeachment #2: He lost, then tried to use deadly force to to overturn the will of the people. Every Republican Senator knows these things to be true.”

He added a few hours later “43 people decided that the worst violation of the Constitution by a President in our Nation’s history was okay.”

Reiner then shared the tweet of Democrat impeachment manager Eric Swalwell who wrote:

“To 57 bipartisan senators and in the court of public opinion, we proved Donald Trump guilty of the greatest crime ever against our Constitution. And, we did it with overwhelming, un-contradicted evidence. We didn’t need more witnesses, we needed more spines.”