Rob Reiner Declares “We Have a Criminal in the White House”

Actor and liberal activist Rob Reiner is still plagued with his daily anger over President Trump’s actions.

Per Breitbart, At least Rob Reiner still has Twitter.

After nearly three years and two concerted and ultimately failed efforts to oust President Donald Trump, the Hollywood actor-director  — who helped launch “The Committee to Investigate Russia — still has his Twitter, where he’s still free to remind his followers that there’s “a criminal living in our White House.”

“We have a Criminal living in our White House. Full stop,” said Reiner on Wednesday morning.

In 2017, Reiner teamed up with Atlantic senior editor David Frum, government officials from the Obama era, and vocal critics of President Trump to launch an initiative seeking to uncover the extent of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Reiner was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2016, and sang on her often mocked “Fight Song” video with other celebrity supporters.

Many of Reiner’s followers echoed his gloom and doom.

Pillars of our democracy, the Senate and DOJ, are crumbling before our very eyes

The centuries-old GOP, is now a cult and beholden to a despot, the kind we depose in other parts of the world

America is hurting.

If you won’t fight for her now, you might not get another chance.

His acquittal unleashed his viciousness! It’s gonna get worse. He will attack anybody who goes against him. The @GOP is responsible for enabling this monster. We will vote him out, but how many more will suffer his wrath? Someone has to reign him in. @GOP do you have any courage?

And co-conspirators in the @SenateGOP

And he is an active Russian agent!

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