Rob Reiner Claims Trump’s “Election Strategy” Includes “Kill as many Americans as possible”

Friday, filmmaker Rob Reiner fired off another one of his provocative anti-Trump tweets, this time laying out Trump’s “election strategy” that includes killing “as many Americans as possible.”

Reiner wrote:

Trump’s election strategy: Sell beans from the Oval Office. Increase water pressure. Kill as many Americans as possible. The man is out of his fu*king mind. Nov.3 Nov.3 Nov.3 Nov.3 Nov.3

A day earlier Reiner wrote:

Donald Trump is actively trying to kill our children.

It is time for Fauci, the CDC, Doctors and the Scientific Community to turn their backs on this mentally ill man and tell US the truth. Before another 135,000 die, do what the GOP cowards refused to do, Convict this man of Violating his Oath to keep us safe.

Thursday Reiner tweeted:

Trump blatantly broke Federal Law by using the WH rose garden to deliver an incoherent campaign speech. Nothing new. He has broken Federal Law every day of his illegitimate corrupt Presidency.