Rob Reiner Claims Trump Starting to Hear the “Fat Lady” Singing on Conviction

Actor, filmmaker and anti-Trump activist Rob Reiner claimed in a provocative tweet that “criminally corrupt” President Trump is starting to hear the “fat lady” singing on being convicted.

Reiner also claimed that Republican Senators “will have to contract a case of collective brain damage to acquit this President.”

and that “each day produces more evidence of unquestionable guilt.”

It’s unclear if Reiner is unaware that it would take 20 Republican Senators siding with Democrats to actually remove Trump or if he’s just delusional in optimism in believing that will happen, a feat no serious political analyst has predicted will happen.

Earlier Reiner tweeted “Just 4 Senators can end this nightmare. SPEAK!” which makes us wonder if Reiner is under the false belief a mere majority of Senators voting to remove Trump would convict him, when it’s in reality 2/3rds.

Reiner also tweeted:

The President of the United States is a Criminal. Full stop.

It’s as if Howard Hunt & Gordon Liddy said “Of course Nixon knew about the break in. He ordered it.” Republicans, what the f**k is it gonna take?

A whole Arsenal of Guns are smoking. A Republic, if we can keep it. Republican Senators, it’s Time.

The Crimes being committed by this President are so voluminous and coming at such a rapid rate, if I were in NY, I’d steer clear of 5th Avenue.

One way or another, when President Trump is in all likelihood acquitted, it’s clear Rob Reiner is going to be sorely disappointed.

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