Rob Reiner Claims Trump is “Defecating on our Constitution,” Calls for Impeachment

Hollywood actor Rob Reiner made waves on Twitter with a viral tweet that claims President Trump has “perverted the office of the Presidency.”

Reiner also calls for impeachment and says Trump is “defecating on our Constitution.”

Supporters of Reiner backed his sentiments.

Thank you for speaking out for so many of us. Pelosi’s intransigence on impeachment is harming this country as each day passes & we slide towards authoritarianism. We’re helpless & it’s infuriating!

However some also countered Reiner.

2020 can’t come soon enough!!!
Can’t wait to re-elect Trump for 4 more years!

J Kerr warned Reiner “Impeachment without a hope in hell of conviction and removal is recipe for greater catastrophe.”

According to a new report from Politico from authors Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman, Democrats are currently 43 votes shy of the 218 needed to start the impeachment process:

“Right now, Democratic insiders say 175 of their members would vote for impeachment today on the House floor.”

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