Rob Reiner claims more “are being told the truth” because “Maddow was the #1 show in all of cable TV”

Tuesday, filmmaker Rob Reiner touted MSNBC Rachel Maddow’s popularity and associated her with “the truth.”

Reiner tweeted “Rachel Maddow was the #1 show in all of cable TV. Which means more consumers of news in America are being told the truth. Believers of the Big Lie will continue to lose.”

Thursday, Reiner wrote “The battle for the preservation of Democracy is front and center. The John Lewis Voting Rights bill(HR-1) passed the House without a single Republican vote. Time to eliminate the Jim Crow filibuster.”

He added in a subsequent tweet “Make no mistake. We have only one governing party. The one that continues to perpetuate the Big Lie feeds on destruction and is unwilling to serve their own constituents who are overwhelmingly in favor of Democratic policies. We are the majority. We must rule.”