Rob Reiner Claims “Monstrous” Trump “has no feeling about people suffering or dying”

Anti-Trump Filmmaker Rob Reiner took to Twitter to launch more attacks on President Trump.

Reiner tweeted:

Definition of Out of Your F*cking Mind: Calling a deadly Pandemic a Hoax then saying if 200,000 die, you’ve done a great job.

Donald Trump’s mental illness is killing people.

The President is a sociopath. He has no feeling about people suffering or dying. He uses these ridiculous press briefings as a campaign tool, managing the death toll like poll numbers. Trying to convince US that 200,000 deaths is a victory. Monstrous.

Many of Reiner’s followers had similar sentiments.

Cheryl Turner wrote “He should be dragged outta the office and sent to every Corvid 19 patients beds without a mask… to see what he has done!!!!!”

L. Marie wrote “His “I can shoot someone on 5th Avenue” has come to fruition.”

Another Twitter user wrote “Let’s all get real: Trump is a symptom of the Republican Party. The Republican Party has always been the party of disease, chaos and death. Since forever. With authority comes full accountability.”

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