Rob Reiner claims if we don’t pass voting right “this may be the last Independence Day that we are truly independent”

Moments ago, filmmaker Rob Reiner tweeted “If we don’t pass Voting Rights and give all Americans equal access to the ballot box, this may be the last Independence Day that we are truly independent.”

Reiner wrote 2 days earlier “It’s simple. No Voting Rights. No Democracy.”

Reiner also retweeted Robert Reich, who wrote “Biden must make voting rights his first priority, and fight for them. Infrastructure, childcare, and other agenda items are important. But voting rights are fundamental to everything else.”

Last month, Senate Republicans successfully blocked the Democrats “For the People’s Act” voting rights bill using  the filibuster.

The “For the People’s Act” bill needed 60 votes to clear a procedural vote and not a single Republican Senator voted with Democrats.

All 50 Democrats voted to proceed.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote “The rotten inner workings of Democrats’ S.1 power grab have been thoroughly exposed to the light.”

“Whichever label Democrats slap on their bill, the substance remains the same,” he added.