Rob Reiner calls for opposition to Trump to continue until he’s “behind bars”

Friday, Filmmaker and prolific anti-Trump tweeter Rob Reiner called for opposition to President Trump to not stop until he’s put “behind bars.”

Reiner wrote “Panic, Desperation, Flop Sweat. Whatever you wanna call it, the Sociopath is Toast. But can’t take our foot off the gas pedal until the Criminal is behind bars.”

A day earlier, Reiner wrote “We all know Trump is out of his fucking mind. But he’s also a walking murder weapon. McConnell, you say you’re frightened to go to the WH. What the holy fuck? SPEAK UP! 25th Amendment!”

Thursday, Reiner made another reference to President Trump being put in jail, writing “or 4 years we’ve been imprisoned by an Ignorant Sociopath. In 25 days we’ll be free so he can start serving his time.”

Thursday, filmmaker Michael Moore made another provocative claim, calling for President Trump to be arrested.

Moore referenced a past tweet of Trump’s and wrote:

That’s what Trump tweeted.
“That woman.”
That’s how Trump continually demeans Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan.
“Thoughts & prayers.” That’s what we’re told to do so Trump can resume his coup & his calls for civil war.

“ARREST HIM!” That’s what I say