Rob Reiner accuses Trump of “taking a page out Charles Manson’s playbook”

Saturday filmmaker Rob Reiner claimed that “Trump is openly breaking the law to steal this election.”

He added “We have right in our side, but it means nothing if we don’t vote in overwhelming numbers. 4 more years of this Lying Racist Fascist Sociopath will be the end of 244 yrs. of self rule.”

Sunday, Reiner wrote “Donald Trump is taking a page out Charles Manson’s playbook. Start a race war, then convince the public you alone can end it. He’s a lying racist piece of garbage.”

Reimer also wrote “The President of the United States is a Racist Criminal. He is actively killing American citizens. We have the power to end this. 65 days. Vote.”

Monday, Reiner wrote “I watch Joe Biden and I see a man who can save Democracy.”