Rihanna Declares “I’m trying to save the world, unlike y’all president… on sight”

During a recent Instagram Live appearance, singer Rihanna declared she was “trying to save the world, unlike y’all president.”

It’s unclear exactly what Rihanna was referring to in her own efforts to “save the world” but the singer recently shared a cover of herself on “British Vogue.”


E News reports don’t bother her with “where’s the album?”—Rihanna’s got a bigger goal in mind.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to give us an album (or at least that’s what we’ll tell ourselves), it’s that she’s “trying to save the world.”

On Friday, as part of the singer’s “Fenty Social Club” party on Instagram Live, the Fenty Beauty owner and founder reminded her fans and followers watching her at home to not bring up the album.

“If one of y’all motherf–ckers ask me about the album one more time when I’m trying to save the world, unlike y’all president… on sight,” the 32-year-old said during the live-stream, taking a jab at Donald Trump.